Patient Testimonials


Listen to Maura talk about how our weight loss program helped her get over her weight loss plateau


Hear how hormone replacement therapy was a more efficient way for Susan and gave her more energy!


Listen to Melissa explain how hormone replacement therapy helped her feel like herself again!


Watch Brenda talk about how she came to The Hormone Zone for adrenal and hormone support to help balance her out!


Watch Cynthia talk about how she got help for her thyroid issues which led to better sleep and no more hot flashes!


Weight gain, fatigue and hot flashes are problems of the past for Patricia thanks to The Hormone Zone!


Listen to Karla talk about her improved thyroid along with many other positive effects such as weight loss and decrease in brain fog!


Listen to June talk about how The Hormone Zone has helped her get back to feeling like her normal self!


Hear how Christine got her libdo back with the help of The Hormone Zone!


Listen to Terri talk about how she got help for more than just her skin!


Hear Holly talk about how she was able to learn more about her body after going to The Hormone Zone!


Hear how Rachel balanced her life again thanks to the help of The Hormone Zone!


Georgeanna talks about living a balanced life, having more energy and sleeping better after coming to The Hormone Zone!

Mary Ellen

See how Mary Ellen made the switch to Hormone Pellets and changed her life!

Susan D

Susan talks about the effects of menopause and how hormone therapy helped relieve her symptoms!


Michael talks about fixinging his thyroid and maintaining his health thanks to The Hormone Zone!