1. I will definitely be telling my friends and family

    Dr. Robinson and Dr. Bosch or better known as "The Sex Docs" made me view sexual health in a whole new way. Doctor visits should never be uncomfortable or embarrassing and they have done an amazing job of avoiding that. They truly do care about their patients and making my life more enjoyable! This is the way health should be approached and I will definitely be telling my friends and family.…Read More

    Nolan Rucker
  2. You won’t be disappointed

    I have been a client of Dr. Bosch's since 2013 and I couldn't be happier. She is the kind of doctor you always hoped for.....she really get's to know you and she really cares. Dr. Bosch will spend plenty of time speaking with you and she is never rushed to get done. She is very knowledgeable and thorough in analyzing your blood work, hearing your symptoms and explaining procedures or treatments ve…Read More

    Kim Jarrett-Kann
  3. The treatments have worked wonders for me

    I came to the Hormone Zone and have been seeing Dr. Robinson after trying different treatments for my early menopause. I had spent years not feeling like myself and feeling like I couldn't cope anymore. Dr. Robinson took the time to show me what my blood work means and how it is effecting me. I started treatment and less than 6 months I feel more like my old self than I have in years. The treatmen…Read More

    Elizabeth Snyder
  4. Extremely knowledgeable and professional

    I see both Dr Robinson and Dr Bosch, and they are extremely knowledgeable and professional. My hormones are regulated as is my diabetes. Thank you both!…Read More

    Marilyn Atkisson
  5. Dr. Robinson and his staff are great!

    The O-shot worked on me! Finally I stopped the incontinence urine problem. With the injections of Peptides and Pellets I am feeling very well. Dr. Robinson and his staff are great!…Read More

    Michelle Canchica
  6. My condition has improved tremendously

    My hashimotos hypothyroid condition has improved tremendously since I have been under Dr Robinson's care. I came to him suffering with chronic hives after experiencing anaphylaxic shock twice. I was on 10 antihistamines a day plus prednisone when I first met Dr Robinson. Traditional specialists had no long term solutions. Dr Robinson helped me heal my gut and treat my underlying autoimmune and met…Read More

    Bella Lune
  7. He is driven passionately to improve lives

    Dr. Robinson is both a Doctor and an innovator. He seeks to constantly find and implement the most cutting edge science for his patients. He is driven passionately to improve lives and help his patients live lives of wellness, vitality and productivity.…Read More

    Matthew McKean
  8. I would tell anyone I know to visit this office

    I am writing this review as a medical professional who is EXTREMELY familiar with hormone clinics and all the various local establishments - and I want to help people understand what makes the Hormone Zone so special. First, Dr. Robinson and his wife are both 100% dedicated to this practice - and they stay in their lane - they are not trying to "treat everything" but instead very dedicated to what…Read More

    Chantell Renee
  9. Slam dunk

    Dr. John, or Doctor "J," as I call him is the best in the business. His vocabulary is unparalleled. Slam dunk.…Read More

    Ryan Claridge
  10. Knowledgeable and professional

    Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Dr. John Robinson is the best at what he does.…Read More

    Isidore Yetnikoff