1. Synthetic Estrogen & Progestin Increase Cancer

    A recent robust study published October 20th, 2010 in The Journal of the American Medical Association concluded, "Estrogen plus progestin was associated with greater breast cancer incidence, and the cancers are more commonly node-positive.  Breast cancer mortality also appears to be increased with …Read More

  2. Does the “Stressed” Fish Know It Is In Water? Really?

     "Of what significance is one's existence, one is basically unaware. What does a fish know about the water in which he swims all his life?"  Albert Einstein Fish swim all day in water, with the current, against the current, in cold water and warm, shallow and deep.  The water in all its complexit…Read More

  3. Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals: Making a Hormonal Ruckus

    Recently, The Journal of Fertility and Sterility published results of a study on the chemical BPA or bis-phenol A and its negative effects of lowering sperm count in men.  This is no surprise as the effects of this chemical on reproduction has been studied for years.  BPA is found in plastics and …Read More

  4. Natural Thyroid Hormone

    There is hope for patients with low thyroid function and its a "little pig in a blanket!"  Most hypothyroid patients come to me already prescribed the typical thyroid medications such as Synthroid, Levoxyl, or the generic levothyroxine.  In 2008 alone, doctors wrote over 34,000 prescriptions for t…Read More

  5. Nature Throid New Formulation

    I have had some patients bring to my attention about the new formulation that Nature Thyroid has undergone.  In April 2010, the manufacturers of Nature Thyroid reformulated their product to improve its absorbability and to take an already very clean product and make it even cleaner.  I have used t…Read More

  6. Making Sense of Menopause: A New Beginning

    A small excerpt from the upcoming book by Dr. Robinson "Metabolic Health Transformation".   Menopause is Not a Disease Menopause is a stage of life.  Menopause is no more a disease process than puberty.  We view puberty as a time of blossoming and beginning, and the related difficulties of th…Read More

  7. Your Makeup May Be Linked to Early Menopause

    Who would of thought that a woman’s makeup could be causing early menopause?  But it’s not just cosmetics.  Insidiously common little chemicals that we seem to not be able to live without, are silently and effectively harming us from within…  Who’s the Little Culprit? Perflourocarbons (PF…Read More

  8. A Low Salt Diet is Deadly!

    The incessant proclamation we have all heard from the medical community for years is that high sodium (salt) diets lead to hypertension (high blood pressure).  It is simply not true.  Our bodies crave salt for a multitude of natural functions, including the proper functioning of our heart and main…Read More

  9. The Simple “How to Lower Stress” List

    Words and easy strategies to live by.  I challenge you to make one of these simple truths a priority this coming week.  With the Hope of Peace for you and those that surround you… Dr. Robinson Pray. Go to bed on time. Get up on time so you can start the day unrushed. Say no to projects that won'…Read More

  10. Foreward by Dr. John C. Lowe

    It is with an immense amount of pride that I share with you the humbling foreward written by Dr. John C. Lowe for my upcoming book. He is a true scholar and a shoot-from-the-hip gentleman of a rare kind. I hope this gets you excited for the book, on shelves and e-readers in just a couple of short we…Read More