The O-Shot/ Orgasm Shot


Female Sexual Enhancement & Rejuvenation

At The Hormone Zone, our comprehensive approach to wellness, longevity and hormone balance includes options for your sexual health. Both Dr. Bosch and Dr. Robinson are experts in Sexual Enhancement & Rejuvenation and believe everyone should experience a healthy Sexual Life. With over 1 in 20 women complaining of Sexual Arousal Disorder, and another 1 in 20 women having orgasms issues, we believe that it is too important not to provide excellent health alternatives.

The O-Shot® or Orgasm Shot® is a cutting-edge sexual rejuvenation and enhancement procedure invented by the world-famous Dr. Charles Runels. The O-Shot is a non-surgical solution to natural sexual enhancement clinically proven for nearly a decade, with thousands of patients worldwide achieving enhanced sexual benefits.

The procedure utilizes growth factors extracted from a sample of your own blood, stimulating new tissue growth within the clitoris and vagina. This process uses PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, a nutrient and growth factor rich portion of your own blood, making it safe and natural.

The O-Shot or Orgasm Shot are specific treatments protected by US Patent & Trademark law. There are many imitators, but there is only one proven original. Only a provider listed on the O-Shot website is fully trained in these unique treatments. The Hormone Zone is proud to be part of the world class group of physicians and healthcare providers who perform the O-Shot.

Frequently Asked Questions About O-Shot® Sexual Enhancement Therapy

The O-Shot and the P-Shot are not approved procedures by the FDA, however the kits used to collect and generate the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) that is used for the procedures are FDA Approved PRP Kits.