Beth Bendokaitis, NMD

Dr. Beth Bendokaitis is a Scottsdale native. Her passion for health has been lifelong but it was not until her freshman year at Arizona State University, that she knew healthcare was her future. Three months with a dear friend in the ICU inspired her to change her major from Business to Nutrition. She knew she was meant to be a healer and felt most fulfilled helping others.

During her education at Arizona State University she began working in the hospital system as a nutritionist. She was grateful for all she learned, but felt limited in her scope of practice. She craved more knowledge and wanted to help people on a deeper level. A year after graduating ASU she applied to medical school at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She learned quickly that this medicine was based on her core beliefs: good nutrition, balanced lifestyle, mental health, treating the whole person, and treating the root cause of disease. She found her passion and found herself. Personal growth has been a part of her journey, and she loves to provide a safe environment for her patients to do the same. After exploring all the different avenues possible through eight years of education, Dr. Beth Bendokaitis currently specializes in Endocrinology (Hormone Health), Natural Medical Aesthetics, and Health Optimization.

“I teach my patients how good their bodies are designed to feel and look from the inside out. “


Treatment Philosophy


My purpose as a physician is to guide my patients through empowerment. I believe that the true change lies within the patient. It is my job to expose them to optimal health by shedding light on areas that need improvement. Once that is accomplished I provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to understand their health goals and how to reach them. Next we work through creating a plan to execute change. And last I believe in sticking with the patient until the goals are met through promoting accountability.

SHEDDING LIGHT : I begin by exposing patients to the areas of their health that need improvement. People don’t know what they don’t know. It is my job as their physician to be their extra set of eyes.

PROVIDING KNOWLEDGE: Everyone needs to eat more vegetables, but that means nothing to us if we don’t understand “why”. The next step in empowering the patient is teaching them the ins-and-outs of their health. This allows them to make educated decisions for themselves and it places them in the driver’s seat.

EXECUTION THROUGH ACTION: At this point the patient knows the “what”, and they understand the “why”, but now it is time for action. We come up with a plan together that fits their individual needs. I pay special attention to where they are and how to make a treatment plan fit their current lifestyle.

FOLLOW UP: Nothing can be achieved without doing the work of getting there. I believe in supporting my patients from start to finish by holding them accountable via follow up.